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    Founded in 2003 in New York City by a group of performing-arts enthusiasts, Children’s Talent Development Fund (CTDF) is a     not-for-profit organization that encourages the children of today to cultivate and develop their creativity and artistic
    abilities while building self-esteem as they grow into the leaders of tomorrow. It was created to give youth the
    opportunity to express their talents and to help them build themselves constructively. CTDF’s very first venture was to
    create a TV show/competition “Our Talented Children”. The skeptics said that CTDF will not find enough talented children to
    survive the first TV season, but they were wrong -- the program is still running today and has reached its fifth year.

     “Children’s Talent Development Fund” is a not-for-profit organization and is funded by sponsors. Children ranging
    in age from 3 and a half to 21 years from the United States as well as over 20 other nations have participated in our
     TV programs and live events. Every year culminates with a festival that highlights all of the competition winners of that year.
    This is a great way for the young talent to further their ambitions in the entertainment industry.

     “Today’s Children -- Tomorrow’s Leaders” is the motto we stand by here at Children’s Talent Development Fund.
     We give youth the chance to be creative in a way only youth can be. What better way to express talent than by expressing it
     with an organization where you can be yourself in a positive way? Success is and will always be waiting for the bright faces of
     tomorrow. Our organization fully recognizes this and aids the young performers in building their professional
     performing careers.

     We value and focus on each individual child to help him achieve his unique creativity. “Children’s Talent Development Fund”
     envisions the existence of a talent development institute whose commitment rests on evaluating human potential and ensuring
     that gifted and talented youth produces positive messages and originality. Ultimately, the CTDF mission is to foster personal
     identity and the kind of self-determination that will make our children’s talents and skills more attractive and visible
     to the world. This is a CTDF system of artist development and the gateway to a successful experience in world of the
     entertainment industry, one of the most lucrative and personally rewarding industries of today.

Our Projects

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Off Broadway Show " Don't Worry Be Jewish".

A musical with an all-teenage cast about the right to decide for themselves whether to be or not to be Jewish. This show premiered in May of 2008 and successfully ran Off-Broadway for 16 performances.
International Children's Congress.

ICC is an organization that is has been conceptualized and is now run exclusively by children. It addresses issues pertinent specifically to children all over the world. ICC envisions a better world for the youth and strives to take steps to make these visions a reality!
Music Festival " Moya Pesnya".

"Moya Pesnya" is a songwriting competition that promotes creativity, showcases and exposes new singing and songwriting talent and provides emerging artists with an opportunity to introduce their music to the world!
TV Music Competition " Our Talented Children".

This is CTDF's first project that has been a staple event for the past 5 years. This competition recognizes young talent under the age of 21 and gives them a chance to appear on stage and international television.
International Festival "Caribbean Gold".

This international music festival, in addition to giving young performers an opportunity of a lifetime to showcase their talent on a world stage, it promotes world peace and international harmony by engaging children from around the world for the one purpose of making music!
Vocal Art Studio.

"Vocal Art Studio" is the center of vocal and dance training for any level from the beginner to professional and guarantees the best vocal coaching for stage, screen, auditions and studio recording. It is owned and directed by Svetlana Plaksunova, the 2005 “Teacher of the Year” for the "Golden Chanukah" competition. Students participate in numerous competitions, international festivals and live and televised events.
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